Investment Philosophy

The firm's investment philosophy is the same that Mr. Kennedy practiced at Springfield Trust & Investment Company, that the securities markets are efficient and that advisors primarily add value by coordinating the asset allocation based upon risk tolerance, objectives, and time horizons. The firm has constructed 5 models for clients that vary in risk to meet the goals of each client. The firm primarily uses passive mutual funds in each model and uses select actively managed funds for bond, commodity, and real estate exposure. ITI uses several research resources, including many that were used over the last 18 years, to assist with the recommended asset allocation and the appropriate funds to utilize in each model.

ITI Financial Management is also an approved Dimensional Fund Advisor.

Dimensional is always researching tomorrow's solutions today. They do this through deep working relationships with leading financial economists. By acting as a conduit between scientists and practicing investors, Dimensional has created investment strategies and consulting technologies to meet the evolving needs of investors.

Dimensional's process explores every aspect of dynamic real-world markets, including portfolio architecture, trading methodology, and tax management. The investment staff is involved in research efforts through its daily trading activities, resulting market studies, and Investment Committee participation. Clients benefit when research and experience combine to solve new investment challenges. As often as a research innovation generates a new technology, a client need or investment problem drives a new solution.